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BOHRA AGRIFILMS PVT.LTD.   Engaged in manufacturing of heavy-duty chemical resistance wide width film TUFFTHENE  in fully integrated ultra modern manufacturing facilities using high-grade polymer, when it comes to reliability, technology and innovation BAPL stands at natural edge, In a very short span company has emerged as one of the leading manufacture in the country with international standards.

BAPL manufacturing facilities are certified by ISO-9001: 2000, The Company has evolved & implemented very elaborate quality management system starting from raw material to delivering finished products to quality conscious customers Globally.
  Company Name
Bohra Vapor Barrier Bohra Construction Enclosure                Bohra Insulation Membranes
Bohra Fumigation Covers                Bohra Temporary Liners or Covers         Bohra Shipping and Packaging
Bohra Temporary Walls                   Bohra Erosion Control                              Bohra Asbestos Abatement
Bohra Long-term durability   Bohra Flexibility Bohra Puncture resistance 
Bohra Optional Textured surface   Bohra Large roll widths & lengths Bohra UV stability  
Bohra Low temperature flexibility    Bohra Thermally welded seams  Bohra Reduced maintenance

Food grain covers, tarpaulins, silos. Under lays for fertilizers, sugar, tea, coffee and other agricultural products, Low cost huts, Mulching, Fumigation Covers, Green-Houses, Mushrooms cultivation etc.




Lining of canals, distributaries watercourses to stop seepage losses. Lining with Polythene Film reduces lining cost appreciably and is very effective water Barrier material.


UV Stabilizes (natural) LDPE film – The  UV Stabilized film has several uses in agriculture. It is used to make greenhouses (for nurseries, vegetables and fruits), which protect plants from low temperature, rain and other extreme environmental conditions. Greenhouses covers are one of the most innovative examples of modern agriculture. They are one of the highest man-made forms of agricultures activity, because of the intense technological and bio-agronomic inputs in confined portions of the agricultural environment. Using such film increases the yield and off-season cultivation in several folds. The TUFFTHENE TM is used to make Agrifilm-UV, which is a crop cover that incorporates light  and optical stabilizers and can work miracles by revitalizing crop yield and quality. It is specially suited for low temperature zones. It also helps off-season cultivation.

  Lining of fish ponds/Reservoirs.


  Covers for football grounds, cricket pitching, tracks and Swimming pools.
  Underlay  for runways, Tents, Ammunition, Dumps and bunker linings.
  Water proofing/Damp proofing of all types of roofs, flooring and underground of National Highways
  Structures – Construction of site dwellings/Material storage tents etc.
Bohra MECHANICAL PROPERTIES : Film has good tensile and tear strength as well as good optical clarity.
Bohra STRENGTH & THOUGHNESS :  Extremely tough  in strength
Bohra DIMENSIONAL STABILITY : Film remains dimensionally stable under varied climatic/temperature conditions.
Bohra TEMPERATURE FLEXIBILITY : Film remains unaffected in temperature ranging from-70F to 200F.
Bohra CHEMICAL  PROPERTIES : Non-toxic-inherent material, has excellent chemical resistance to acids, alkalies , fungi, bacteria & grease, dose not corrode metals & it is odorless.
Bohra RESISTANCE TO MOISTURE & WATER :  Completely water proof, being impermeable to liquids and unaffected by humidity
Bohra AGING : contains no plasticisers to dry out, dose not become brittle with age and use.
Bohra WEATHERABILITY : Film being resistant to ultraviolet rays, can withstand all kinds of weather.
Bohra ECONOMY : Being lightweight, it is economical advantage of easy handling and transportation.

Method of lining canals with LDPE Films – In canal system, the discharge rate and the velocity of flow plays an important role in determining the type of lining which can be used . On this basis following methods have been developed.

Bohra LDPE Film lining in bed and sides, overlaid with single dry tile pitching.
Bohra LDPE Film lining in bed and sides, overlaid with single tile is cement mortar.
Bohra LDPE Film lining in bed and sides with soil overlay in bed and single tile lining in cement mortar in the sides.
Bohra LDPE Film lining in bed overlaid with single tile in cement mortar and double tile lining in the sides.
Bohra LDPE Film lining in bed overlaid with soil cover and double the lining in the sides
Bohra LDPE Film lining both in bed and side overlaid with soil cover.

Joint of LDPE film – The heat sealing is done by an electric iron having three parallel soiling bars. After sealing the joints are tested for leaks.

Major Clients-

We have a wide clientele spread  across the globe. Some of the our clients are:-


Food Corporation & State warehousing.

Bohra Central Warehousing Corporation  & State Warehousing .

Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation (TNCSC), Chennai

Bohra Director Supplies & Disposals, Haryana
Bohra Horticulture Deptt. Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir
Bohra U.P State Warehousing Corporation.

Indira Gandhi Nahar Project.

Bohra Director Food & Supplies, Punjab

Major Construction Companies Viz : L & T, Hindustan Const. Co, Bridge & Roof Ltd.

Flat Film Width (Semless) 4" to 12 Meter Wide
Tubling Width (layflat) 2" to 6 Meter Wide
Thickness 25 Microns to 600 Micron
Additives Available Ultra Violet Stabilizer Anti-Block
Colours: Black/Natural Or As per customer choice
Other Gusseted Tubing/Roll Foam
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